Lone Worker Safety Assessments and Program Development

There is a growing recognition that the safety risks to those who work alone can be unique and often unrecognized, yet important to address and manage.

What are we talking about here? We are talking about persons who are assigned to do work alone – whether they are in remote areas of fixed facilities with no co-workers or supervisors within the area and within direct eyesight. We are also talking about folks who are mobile with flexible locations and yet also without that “direct eyesight” and who may otherwise be in situations where assistance in the event of an emergency or injury or sudden illness may be uncertain.

Newer occupational health and safety management systems require assessments for risk to “workers,” whether those workers are in group setting or working alone.

Lone workers exist across a number of industries. This includes the obvious categories of manufacturing and construction, but also many other industries and work circumstances that people may not have considered. This can include field technicians, delivery persons, real estate, property management, city works and treatment facilities, fire departments, specialized contractors and many other circumstances.

Of course, risk levels and types of risk can vary. There can be circumstances where lone work is appropriate and necessary, but the risks of doing so should be evaluated beforehand to be sure that lone work is appropriate, and that any necessary added controls (if any) are in place.

Have you considered lone worker risks in your broader worker safety risk assessments?

If not, Sixth Sense Safety Solutions can provide you with support in this area. This includes for worker safety risk assessments, policy and procedure development, communication and monitoring options.


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