New Regulation Interpretation and Assistance

In the recent past, there have been several new or revised OSHA regulations published that affected organizations. Those included new requirements pertaining to injury and illness recordkeeping, and respirable crystalline silica (for both “general industry” and “construction”).

OSHA has been keeping busy especially recently, and there are now additional standards being worked on that would either be for “new” topics, or revision to current standards. These are in different phases of rulemaking. For example, there are several regulatory issues that OSHA has placed in the “Prerule Stage,” such as for Mechanical Power Press Updates, and Heat Illness Prevention in Outdoor and Indoor Work Settings. There are others in the Proposed Rule Stage, such as for Welding in Construction Confined Spaces (the intent is that OSHA will conduct a rulemaking to eliminate any perceived ambiguity about the definition of confined space that applies to welding activities in construction), and Walking/Working Surfaces (clarifications). And there are others that have made it to the Final Rule stage, like an “update to the Hazard Communication Standard” (to revise the Standard to reflect the Seventh edition of the Globally Harmonized Standard (GHS) for labeling, improve harmonization with international trading partners such as Canada, and other things).

A number of organizations might be holding their breath, waiting to see what will happen. Others have decided to investigate potential impacts upon their organizations, or to move forward with the development of programs that are responsive to possible new rules, even if they might be delayed.

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